The right design for increasingly complex systems.

IT leaders often struggle to get the budget they need. Solutions are increasingly complex and expensive. It has become difficult to align both technical and business leadership around the value of "doing it right, the first time"

“It’s harder than ever to convince the business to do the right thing. They’re like kids in a candy store. They read in an airline magazine that they can manage their whole supply chain in the cloud for $499 per year, and suddenly that’s the main company initiative.

When we tell them it’s not actually that easy, and show them what it takes to do it right, they disappear."

Gene Kim, The Phoenix Project

GCS Solution Architects help IT professionals with the design and budgeting of technology solutions that include storage, security, virtualization, telecom, and more. 

Designed for Need: Many technology sales reps 'recommendations' are slanted by their commissions, a kickback, or a quota. At GCS, we rely on hard data gathered with advanced assessment tools and an understanding of the business challenges to recommend the right solution.

Real-World Experience: All GCS Solution Architects have hands-on experience in deploying the solutions they design. Feedback from clients and our engineers update the design process constantly.

Verified by Peer Review: We design complete solutions and submit them to a rigorous peer review process. Every solution gets the latest best practices and lessons learned from similar projects, as we double check each part, cable, and hour in the design.

Competitive Pricing: The highest discount levels from vendors such as Dell, Microsoft, VMware, and more enable GCS to provide the best systems at the best prices. Our business is fundamentally a service business. We understand the process to get the lowest possible pricing from our technology partners.

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