The easy way to quickly deploy and migrate new technologies.

Within every IT department, a battle rages between planned and unplanned work.

Every day planned upgrades and improvements are delayed  by the support needs of users and systems. IT teams often struggle to balance support work and project work. Unfortunately, they usually prioritize based on who is screaming the loudest, letting important projects be delayed.

GCS Project Services are designed to offload planned work to our dedicated team of engineers.

By outsourcing critical projects, IT professionals get them done more quickly and more efficiently to allow their team to focus on more important priorities. 

Experienced Project Team: GCS separates unplanned work and planned work. Our Project Team is strictly focused on deployment and migration projects for our clients. Their focus on projects creates a unique, deep skill set around deployments, data migrations, and more.

Project Management: IT projects often involve the coordination of telecom vendors, hardware purchases, license agreements, scheduling of technicians, communication with users, and more traditional Project Management tasks. Few internal IT teams can justify a Project Manager and even fewer IT professionals have the skills to do it themselves.

Current Skills and Experience: By dedicating a team to just deployment and migration tasks GCS has increased the efficiency of all project work. The team is able to focus all training on the best practices for deploying the latest products from Dell, Microsoft, VMware, Amazon, and more.

After a successful installation or migration, we offer Tier 3 Support to help with administration or support tasks as needed.

Do you need help with a particular project, from network design to a full-scale data center migration? Contact us today to speak with a GCS Solutions Architect and discuss your technical objectives.