We help IT leaders get more done as an extension of your team.

The job of an IT director or manager gets harder every year.

The rate of change in the market is faster than ever. Advanced skills are needed and then outdated. To make matters worse, there are fewer places to go for help than ever before. Support from manufacturers or developers after the sales is cosmically bad. There are fewer IT services vendors offering assistance than ever before.  

Our services are designed to empower IT leaders to achieve more, faster with an on-demand services model. Whether you need a little help with VMware or full private cloud deployed, GCS Technologies will help. 

Support from manufacturers is terrible.

GCS Tier 3 Support is designed for IT staff to quickly and easily escalate problems that are outside of their skill set or when they simply lack the time to complete it. The On-Demand model enables you to pay a single hourly rate for help as you need it, with a small monthly recurring fee. The Tier 3 support team at GCS is staffed exclusively with Tier 2 and Tier 3 technicians that expect escalations from IT but can handle easier tickets if needed too. 

Get through your project list quickly.

Many IT departments have a project list that never seems to get shorter. GCS bench of experienced engineers offer a wide variety of project services to IT departments.  Choose from:

  • Turnkey solutions including hardware, licensing, and fixed fee deployment, or
  • Collaborative solutions working with IT staff on an hourly basis. 

Contact us today to speak with a technology expert and discuss your business objectives.