HIPPA-compliant security and unified communications for Austin area healthcare providers.

The rapid move to EMR/HER has left many healthcare firms seeking better answers. Patient care is impacted like never before by a healthcare organization’s IT systems, and frequently this impact is not positive. The frustration level felt by many providers is high with little hope for short-term improvements.  

Common Challenges 

  • Performance and reliability problems associated with electronic medical records (EMR) systems 
  • Providing a common technology experience to providers at different offices 
  • Wide-scale use of all-digital medical imaging  
  • Increased sharing of information electronically between providers, insurers, and patients 
  • Compliance with HIPAA and preventing the disclosure of patient data. 

Our Experience in the Healthcare Industry 

  • Reduced IT support costs and downtime by optimizing  network and infrastructure configuration 
  • Successfully managed Practice Management (PM) and EMR/EHR transitions to new solutions 
  • Centralized scheduling, billing, and admin operations for multi-location practices 
  • Supported physicians and staff to rapidly resolve productivity issues caused by IT 
  • Brought IT systems and processes into HIPAA compliance 

GCS Technologies has deep experience in the healthcare industry, especially in the Austin area. Teaming with GCS brings industry expertise, best practices, and the extra manpower needed for your IT environment.  

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