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GCS clients have benefited from cost efficiencies, automated failover, and improved backup/recovery with virtualization and private cloud technologies. Virtualization has evolved into modern Private Cloud infrastructures that offer many of the benefits of public cloud on equipment dedicated to individual organizations. 

GCS has years of experience in deploying and managing virtualized infrastructure and private clouds. 

Careful, don't make these mistakes

  • Low-cost virtualization: The cost advantages advertised by some hypervisor vendors fall apart under further analysis. Most mid-market firms can meet their needs with basic virtualization packages starting around $5000 for the management suite for up to 3 hosts.
  • Focusing only on the cost savings: There are undoubtedly cost savings that result from reducing server count. Unfortunately, physical servers have one large advantage over virtualized - they can handle numerous failures before a complete outage occurs. Consider the cost savings but do not sacrifice reliability. 
  • Virtualization without central storage: It is technically possible to achieve features such as high availability/failover without centralized storage, but it is rare to achieve the performance and reliability desired. Leverage the reduced prices of advanced SANs and invest in centralized storage’s snapshots, replication, thin provisioning, and other improvements in reliability and efficiency.   
  • Bad backup decisions: Backup systems must change dramatically in a virtualized environment. The amount of data backed up will increase substantially. Backups should now encompass the entire virtual machine, not only the data stored within. This will save dozens of hours in a recovery scenario and is the first step to automated disaster recovery systems. 

GCS helps hundreds of business virtualize their systems on private cloud infrastructures. Contact us today to speak with a technology expert and discuss your business objectives.