Advanced storage solutions for virtualization.

How many IOPS do you need?

With the rise of virtualization, storage has taken a central role in network architecture. One of the most important questions to be asked these days is “How many IOPS do you need?” This is true both with private cloud infrastructure and the public cloud providers.  

Not all storage is equal.

One of the most common challenges IT departments face is trying to accomplish the difficult – disaster recovery, high availability, predictable performance – with basic storage solutions. The difference between a full-featured SAN, such as Dell’s Compellent, and a more basic option is huge. Fortunately prices on storage continue to decrease with high-quality solutions available starting at less than $20k. Cloud storage may look easier, and in many ways it is, but the sheer variety of choices can be overwhelming.  

Our storage expertise can ensure you get the right solution at the right price. 

Data Driven Recommendations: All GCS storage recommendations are based on performance data pulled from your systems with alignment towards business, infrastructure, and data growth goals. 

Hybrid Multi-Tier Solutions: There is never one right answer for storage. High IOPS may be required for OS or specific applications, but are not cost justified for most file servers and data archival needs. Blending the right mix of high performance with low cost creates an overall solution that offers the best where you need it, and the lowest cost where you don’t.  

Real World Experience: GCS has deployed hundreds of storage solutions from dozens of traditional and cloud vendors. Our experience enables us to confidently recommend the best solution with full knowledge that the outcome will exceed expectations.  

Let GCS Storage experts help.

Our team of storage architects and engineers assist with the design, deployment, migration, and support to ensure success. 

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