Cost savings with flexible support and best-in-class technology.

With any IT system, the initial purchase price amounts to between 20 and 50 percent of the total cost of ownership (TCO). The rest of the TCO covers recurring charges, the largest of which involve staffing the management of the systems.  

It costs more in operating expenses to keep aging IT equipment working.

In most companies, there is a tendency to keep installed systems running many years past their practical lifetime. That drives costs up in order to delay capital expenses. When parts exceed their mean time to failure there can be painful crashes.  

Whether your staff handles the ongoing chores or you use a partner, the hidden costs of managing and maintaining IT systems can be a budget killer.  

The best defense against unpredictable IT costs is high-quality technology.

GCS designs and builds reliable systems that save you thousands of dollars in support costs while delivering unparalleled productivity – and returning control of IT back to the business. 

The amount of support required has plummeted in recent years. 

Advances such as cloud, virtualization, and general improvements in reliability of all systems. Traditional IT providers’ high monthly fees and long-term contracts capture these cost savings as increased profits for the provider.  

We enable our clients to recognize these savings directly.

We believe the lowest-cost system – the one right for your businesses – is a high-quality system with flexible hourly fees where you’re not locked into long-term contracts and services you don’t need. 

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