GCS is a small IT consulting firm specializing in infrastructure solutions for small and mid-market businesses. For smaller businesses that don’t need full time IT staff, we can outsource all IT duties. For larger clients that have an IT staff we provide specialized skill sets and extra help when needed. For our staff GCS is a fast paced environment dealing with state of the art technologies. A year’s experience at GCS can be like 5 years of experience in other environments.

Founded by brothers Joe and Daryl Gleinser in 2000, GCS has grown organically each year. Our 40 or so employees, all in Austin, work with almost 500 clients throughout Central Texas. These clients range from small property management offices with 40 employees and little on-premise equipment to national companies with thousands of employees and multiple datacenters.


At GCS Technologies we strive to maintain a sense of pride and satisfaction in our work. Our employees are given the resources, as well as the reins, to think outside the box – unique solutions for unique issues our customers may be facing. We make every effort to ensure a strong work/life balance as well, from excellent benefits to catered meals to company sponsored events and trips.


Core Values

Our core values are a filter through which we examine growth opportunities, staff, and clients.

An intense pride in our work drives all that we do at GCS. Our work is done well, to exacting standards that are reflected in the reliability and performance of our technology builds. This is our chosen career and our life’s work.

Constant Improvement
We are better than we ever have been, but not nearly as good as we will be. As individuals and as an organization we strive to enhance our strengths and diminish our weaknesses across all aspects of our lives.

Chosen Family
The strength of our commitments and the length of our relationships create a Chosen Family dedicated to mutual success and fulfillment. We enjoy what we do and who we do it with.

With our clients and with each other, effort is sincerely appreciated but results are rewarded. There is no substitute for achievement, success, results. At GCS the job gets done.



  • broad medical plan options (including dental/vision plans)
  • Flexible Vacation/PTO policy
  • a 401(k) plan
  • life Insurance for employees
  • Short and long term disability policies
  • Maternity/Paternity Leave



The casual atmosphere at the office is very Austin-esque - informal, friendly, and technical! The open office layout is organized around teams with easy access to everyone including the owners. Our people actually get along and often spend time together outside of the office. We have a gym, available to all employees, in the building. Love tacos? We do too! Enjoy some of Austin’s finest breakfast tacos with us on a Taco Tuesday. We also provide opportunities to socialize with coworkers during our office Happy Hour and one of our monthly catered lunches.

Our Team

Our employees are the single biggest asset and we treat them as such. We work to build a company as focused on staff as on the clients that depend on our team. Check out our ratings on GlassDoor to see what they’re saying about us.

A recent (anonymous) Employee Satisfaction Survey led to these comments:

“Nearly all of the positives that I listed are due to company structure. There are very few things that I do not feel positively about that are related to the company or its leadership. I feel the top of the organization is doing a great job. “

“The All Hands meeting is like a Board meeting. We see the financials, the strategy, the messy details, and ample time to ask the hard questions.”

“They will need to fire me or close the doors. I will keep coming to work here every day and be thankful for the opportunity. -- I am helping small businesses in my community thrive and put food on their own tables. My work is rewarding, and my co-workers are fantastic.”

“I have had the best at work experience of my life at GCS. The business owners have demonstrably shown compassion even recently when one employee took medical leave with no issues to his employment. The same employee is begging his Dr. to let him come back to work early because we are a group of IT Professionals who truly take care of their own while keeping the customers happy and moving forward. That is the most rewarding kind of place to work I can think of.”


Our Clients

We are also a very client driven company. GCS stands between large technology vendors who often ignore the needs of clients in our market and the realities of doing business for our clients. The #1 source of new business for GCS is still referrals because we excel at making and keeping clients happy. See what our customers are saying about us:

“GCS has great knowledge of our network and our needs and they have put us in a position to be able to trust our network when it matters.”

“The techs at GCS are knowledgeable and responsive. Great professionalism!”

“Great customer service and quick response anytime we have had problems!”

“Solid technical expertise.”

“You guys are professional, honest, and highly skilled.”

“I am very pleased with the way GCS serviced my request; true professionalism and knowledge. I would recommend your company to all my associates.”

“As always, exceeded expectations. Thanks for resolving concerns quickly and professionally.”


Thank you for considering a position with the GCS family.

The best part of our jobs is the people we get to work with. They’re some of the finest in the world. The team at GCS is from all over the country with many different backgrounds. All of us are committed to a work life that is enjoyable, productive, and successful. Our clients are entrepreneurs that represent the best of Austin and Central Texas. They care about the community they live and work in. They treat their teams, their customers, and their partners like GCS with respect and professionalism.

If I can do anything for you on your journey to becoming the next member of our team, please let me know.

Joe Gleinser