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Is accepting credit cards safe?

No. Not at all. Businesses that accept credit cards, especially over the web, expose themselves to unique risks. A small legal practice in Des Moines, IA does not attract much attention from hackers. Start accepting credit cards over the web and you've painted a bright target on your business.The payment card industry (Visa, MC, etc) has created a series of standards called PCI. These standards describe minimum technical security requirements for all businesses that accept credit cards, whether...View full post

Comments 1 Comments  Author:  Joe Gleinser submitted 2 years 307 days ago

They Don't Call Me Back!

Any service business owner or manager inevitably deals with this complaint. It's both painful and pervasive. The complaint is made worse by the uncertainty around it. Unlike a broken product it's tough to prove. When an otherwise outstanding employee is blamed, where is the hard evidence?Most phone systems offer a basic type of reporting called SMDR. Every phone call in and out is logged. When a client recently approached us to determine if his employee was at fault, the answer was easy. "Yes."...View full post

Comments 0 Comments  Author:  Joe Gleinser submitted 2 years 311 days ago

Root Causes of Virus and Spyware Problems

Businesses the world over are at a loss to stop virus and spyware infections. Modern anti-virus software is bordering on useless. At best it reduces the frequency of infection and justifies its increasingly high cost. A new ComputerWorld article quantifies the size of this problem. The earnings of hackers world wide passed $12.5 billion this year. The Russian segment alone is valued at $4.5 billion. If the Russian hackers were listed on the Fortune 500, they would surpass Levi Strauss and D.R...View full post

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Invite Remote Attendees to Your Onsite Board Meeting

I'd love a high-end Cisco, Polycom, or Lifesize video conference solution for my office. I just don't want to pay for one. Remote attendees are still pretty rare for us and we mostly get by with lower cost remote meetings tools. How can you incorporate remote employees into management, executive, or board meetings on the cheap? All you need is:1) A web conferencing system such as GoToMeeting, WebEx, LiveMeeting - Around $100 per monthThis is essential and you probably are already paying for this...View full post

Comments 0 Comments  Author:  Joe Gleinser submitted 2 years 316 days ago

How to Buy a Phone System: 1 - 15 Employees

Buying a phone system is, at best, a tedious task. This is especially true for small businesses (1 to 15 employees) who have few technical skills and lack a technical resource to aid the decision. This is further complicated the large amount of marketing dollars (and highly inaccurate claims) directed towards the very small business consumer.Here are your options:No Phone System: Many small organizations get by with cell phones alone. You're already incurring that cost. Most smartphones have...View full post

Comments 0 Comments  Author:  Joe Gleinser submitted 2 years 319 days ago

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